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We are currently seeking new mentors!

Mentoring can be an incredibly rewarding and positive experience. By supporting young people across South Shropshire (usually within a 15 mile radius of Ludlow) into work and getting them on their feet, you can make a huge impact on their lives and give them the positive start they need.

Typically lasting between 3-4 months, the mentoring relationship is one built on trust and confidentiality. We need people who can model for the mentee the qualities that are valued in the workplace, such as responsibility and reliability.

We want people who are:


Good role models

Able to build relationships and rapport

Genuinely interested in young people

Prepared to listen and offer clear, thoughtful advice


As a mentor, you will receive:

Training and support before and during your work as a mentor

A full DBS check; YSiW do the admin and pay any associated fee for the check on your behalf

Meetups and support sessions with other mentors

The satisfaction of helping young people in your area to get onto that next step

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